ClearCreek Disposal provides a variety of trash collection services. These services include residential, commercial, special event, yard debris and rubbish hauling services. 2018 pricing is changing a little.
Starting July 1, 2017 you will pick a service plan.  The plans are Winter/Spring - January 01 to June 30, Summer/Fall - July 01 to December 31 or Summer Only - May 01 to October 31.  The number of pickups is fixed. You use them or you don't, it is still the same price.  
~ Winter/Spring and Summer/Fall have 3 options each.  
    Option 1 - 26 pickups (once per week) - $50.00/month 
                     $300.00 total
    Option 2 - 13 pickups (every other week) - $25.00/month
                      $150.00 total
    Option 3 - 6 pickups (once per month) - $72.00
~ Summer Only  has 3 options
    Option 1 - 26 pickups (once per week) - $50.00/month 
                     $300.00 total
    Option 2 - 13 pickups (every other week) - $25.00/month
                     $150.00 total
    Option 3 - 6 pickups (once per month) - $72.00
There is also an option for people who don't fit into the above plans. 
~ Infrequent and very light users can buy their own container of 33-gallons or less and put their container out as they need.  The charge is $5.00 per container of 33-gallons or less with a minimum charge of $25.00 per year.(January 01 to December 31)
~ Up-to-House Service - $4.00 house to curb to house
~ Extra Container - $7.00 per extra container 

Other Services
~ 20 yard Roll-Off for Yard Cleanup (woody debris only) - $125.00     per load (Tractor and Operator for loading - $60.00 per hour)
~Tree Felling Service for dead and hazard trees - call for rates.
~ Hauling Service (rubbish) call for rates + dump fees.
~ Commercial and Special Events - call for rates.
~ 20 yard Roll-Off for Construction and Remodeling - call for           rates.
~ Snowplowing - Call and talk to Chip about clearing your driveway during the winter months.  Chip will also spread the gravel you had hauled in for the driveway plus anything else you need a small tractor to do.

~~~Fuel surcharges may apply.~~~

Dumpster Schedule
A dumpster for public dumping is available on the first Saturday of every month between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm.  The dumpster is attended and located at the ClearCreek Disposal garage across from the Mustang gas station on Hwy 87.  The cost for dumping is $15.00 per cubic yard. 
Bring your large or bulky items, lumber and other DIY project leftovers, furniture, mattresses and general junk.  No tires, auto batteries, paint or other special disposal items will be accepted.

The following is the schedule for the next year: 

May 5, 2018               May 26, 2018                May 27, 2018

June 2, 2018              June 30, 2018              July 1, 2018

July 7, 2018               August 4, 2018            September 1, 2018

September 2, 2018    October 6, 2018           November 3, 2018

December 1, 2018     January 5, 2019           February 2, 2019

March 2, 2019            April 6, 2019                May 4, 2019
A Trash Collection Service

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