A Trash Collection Service

ClearCreek Disposal
We will pick up trash on your designated collection day, even if it falls on a holiday.  The only exception is when Christmas Day falls on Monday, December 25th.  Trash collection will then be moved to Tuesday, December 26th. 
Please keep your container clean.  Occasionally rinse it out with soap and water.
Please have your container out to the street by 8:00 am.  We may change our route timing due to weather or other factors.
The charge to come up to your house to get your container and bring it back to the house is $4.00.
Please make sure the container lid is completely closed to keep the ravens and other animals from spreading trash throughout the neighborhood.  You may need to attach a bungee cord to the container to keep the lid closed or at least put a large rock on it.  There will be a $5.00 clean up charge added to your bill for clean up of the area if no attempt has been made to secure the contents of the trash container between the time it was placed on the curb and the time of pick up.
Please bag up loose or shredded paper, wrappers and packing peanuts.
ClearCreek Disposal does not accept for disposal any hazardous materials.  Auto batteries, used oil, tires or other hazardous materials should be disposed of properly.  We will accept paint cans if they are empty and dry.  (Use up the paint on some old boards or drywall if you need to throw the cans away immediately.  You can also use newspaper, rags or sawdust to soak up the leftover paint in the can.  Otherwise, if you have the time, leave the lid ajar so the paint will dry in the can.)
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